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国际:传输设置为改善城市客车的流动性ZF EcoLife

2012-09-06 | 浏览量: 2812 常州天勋机械科技有限公司

ZF EcoLife开发的EcoLife传输,牢记不断增长的需求上现代城市buses.The的重点是在中央要求,有关的车辆运营效率,操作,维护,修理和更换零件的成本(LCC)。方面的技术要求,LCC显着影响油耗,寿命和可靠性,制动液和冷却系统,以及润滑油的更换周期。


ZF EcoLife有相当大的优势手动变速箱时,为乘客和司机来安慰:频繁起动,操纵,或在爬行速度,^佳地满足传输应用程序的操作。

一个新的技术允许快速锁定的扭矩转换器 - 燃料密集的液压驱动阶段相应缩短,从而导致更低的油耗。由于修改后的冷却概念,ZF EcoLife是专为现代化的引擎,符合当今已知的所有排放标准。可以使用新的和非常强的综合城巴缓速器制动过程,使服务的刹车的保护和降低服务成本的结果。由于^的行星齿轮组,齿轮改变顺利的6速变速器的齿轮间距迅速加速,而不损害乘客的舒适性。后者甚至改善的事实,传输噪声被减少到^低限度由于行星齿轮组的螺旋齿。


更高的扭矩的25%,15%较高的工作温度,制动力相当高,约5%的燃料消耗比其前任:与ZF-EcoLife,公共交通运输主管部门要扩展他们的能力,在未来同样可以提高性能,经济性,和乘客舒适度。因此,ZF EcoLife再次成为“绿色城市”提出了巨大的贡献。这不仅是指较低的燃油消耗,从而降低尾气排放;螺旋切ZF EcoLife行星齿轮组的第一次清晰地降低了噪音,乘客在公交车和行人时,总线驱动。



ZF Friedrichshafen AG developed the EcoLife transmission keeping in mind the increasing demands on modern city buses.The focus was on the central requirements of vehicle operators pertaining to the effi­ciency, or the LCC (costs for operating, maintenance, repair and replacement parts). In terms of the technical require­ments, LCC are significantly affected by fuel consumption, life span and reliability, brake and cooling systems, as well as oil change intervals.

Currently, this technology,ZF-Ecolife, is available in India in the Volvo 8400 low floor CNG city Bus, which is undergoing trials in Mumbai with Brihan Mumbai Electricity Supply & Transport Undertaking (BEST). Similar trials of  Volvo 8400 low floor CNG city Bus equipped with ZF-Ecolife has already been sucessfully run with Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) in Delhi and Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) in Navi Mumbai.

ZF-EcoLife has considerable advantages over manual transmissions when it comes to comfort for both the passenger & the driver: Frequent starting, maneuvering, or operation at crawling speed optimally suit the transmission application. 

A new technology permits a quick lockup of the torque converter - the fuel-intensive hydraulic driving phases are shortened correspondingly, which leads to lower fuel consumption. Due to the modified cooling concept, ZF-EcoLife is designed for modern engines complying with all emission standards known today. The new and extremely strong integrated CityBus retarder can be used for braking processes, so service brakes are protected and service costs are reduced as a result. Thanks to the precise planetary gearset, gears change smoothly; the gear spacing of the 6-speed transmission supports swift acceleration without impairing passenger comfort. The latter is even improved by the fact that transmission noise is reduced to a minimum due to the planetary gearsets’ helical teeth.

As a standard, the ZF-EcoLife transmissions have now also been programmed with the new topography-dependent TopoDyn Life control software. The continuously variable shifting program guarantees the transmission’s optimal operation at any point of the route. This process is enabled by means of individual shift points that are calculated in line with the respective route profile and the driving resistances.

25% higher torque, 15% higher operating temperature, considerably higher braking force, and about five percent less fuel consumption than its predecessor: with ZF-EcoLife, public transportation authorities that want to extend their capacities in the future can likewise increase performance, economy, and passenger comfort. Thus, ZF-EcoLife once again a makes considerable contribution to "Green Cities". This refers not only to lower fuel consumption and therefore lower exhaust emissions; the for the first time helical-cut ZF-EcoLife planetary gearset clearly reduces noise for passengers in the bus and for pedestrians when the bus is driving by.

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